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Welcome to CGY!

Set on the beautiful campus of National Taiwan University in the heart of Taipei, Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei is a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month gap year experience for pre-university students who want to rapidly improve their Chinese, immerse themselves in local culture and society, and experience the freedom to grow and make friends.

With our history as part of the world-renowned International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), access to NTU's on-campus resources and student groups, and the convenience and beauty of Taiwan, we know CGY participants will have an unforgettable gap year experience learning, living, and growing with us in Taipei!

The CGY Experience

Start your weekdays with small and intensive Chinese classes that accelerate your learning. Stay on campus after lunch for workshops, activities, or student group meetings. Grab dinner with friends in the popular Gongguan neighborhood and explore the city at night. Oh, and don't forget to prepare for tomorrow's classes!

Get out of the city on the weekends, taking advantage of Taiwan's convenient public transportation to visit nearby mountains and beautiful beaches.

Learn a lot of Chinese, dive into Taiwan's culture, and make friends and memories to last a lifetime!

Decades of Experience & Expertise

CGY is part of National Taiwan University's International Chinese Language Program (ICLP). Since the 1960s, ICLP has been a world leader in Mandarin Chinese instruction, educating thousands of students and scholars from all around the world. With CGY's launch in 2020, that experience and expertise can now extend to gap year students.

ICLP 2020 Class.jpg

Intensive & Effective Chinese Classes

No matter your Chinese level, all CGY participants will rapidly improve through daily 1-1 and small group classes. CGY emphasizes the development of communicative skills, and students are expected to put in around 1.5 hours of preparation per 50-minute class period.


Activities, Trips, & Excursions

Whether it is Taipei's night markets and temples, Jiufen's winding alleys, the East Coast's breathtaking nature, or Kenting's beautiful beaches, you can experience all that Taiwan has to offer. Students can join weekly activities, monthly day trips, and a quarterly multi-day overnight excursion.


Independence & Daily Life

You can anticipate having a similar amount of freedom and independence as a typical first-year university student. Outside of classes, you'll be living with friends, joining on-campus student groups, and enjoying all that the city has to offer. It won't be long before you'll be calling Taipei "home"!

NTU Campus.jpg
NTU Campus.JPG
What Our Students Say
"A high-quality gap year experience"

When our son wanted to take a year between high school and college, we knew that Chinese Gap Year at NTU would be perfect. As alumni of ICLP, we were confident that he would receive world-class language training from experienced and caring instructors. Our son has made great progress over the year thanks to the carefully structured curriculum and small class sizes. CGY also hosts a wide range of cultural activities and extraordinary quarterly field trips, all of which provide students with opportunities to learn about life in Taiwan from many perspectives. And of course, Taipei is one of the best (and safest) cities in the world! We’d recommend CGY to any family looking for a high-quality gap year experience.

Natasha H.
Associate Professor of Chinese Religion


Jack C.
Professor of Chinese Literature

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Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei

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