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Welcome to CGY!

CGY is a pre-university gap year program for students of all Chinese proficiency levels.

We offer: 

  • An intensive and immersive Mandarin Chinese language and culture program.

  • University housing that balances safety and support with independent living.

  • Social and cultural immersion on campus, in the city, and around Taiwan.

  • Personalized attention and around-the-clock support and resources.

  • A CGY teacher and staff-to-student ratio of 1:2.5 or lower.

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities and excursions.

  • A safe and friendly environment for living and learning.

  • A memorable and meaningful gap year experience!


Eligibility Criteria

All aspects of your application are important. In general, we expect to see the following:

Proven Academic Ability & Interest in Chinese

Open to Embracing New Cultures & Experiences

Desire to Experience Life in Taiwan

Able to Live Abroad for an Extended Time


2021-2022 CGY Program

Choose one or more quarters. We recommend at least 6-9 months in order to make more friends, develop a deeper understanding of Taiwan, and learn a lot of Chinese!

(Note: CGY does not offer financial aid, but students may be eligible to apply for the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. The application deadline is March 31, 2021.)

Fall 2021
(Sep 22 - Dec 10)

Due to ongoing pandemic-related travel and visa restrictions, we will not be running an in-person Fall 2021 program. Please follow our updates for more information.

Winter 2022
(Jan 03 - Mar 18)

Program Cost: NT240,000

(Approx. US$8,400)

- NT195,000 (~US$6,800) without housing

- Apply by November 19

Spring 2022
(Mar 28 - Jun 2)

Program Cost: NT240,000

(Approx. US$8,400)

- NT195,000 (~US$6,800) without housing

- Apply by Feb. 11, 2022


Additional Information

Program Calendar

CGY observes official Taiwan and university holidays. View the 2020-21 academic year calendar here and the 2021-22 academic year calendar here.

Updates on Travel & Visa Restrictions

As of July 2021, most travel and visa restrictions remain in place. CGY will not run a Fall 2021 in-person program, but we hope to run a January 2022-June 2022 in-person program. Please click here to view updates.

Placements & Curriculum

After being accepted, students will take an online placement test that has two parts: a video call speaking test with one of our teachers, and an online listening/reading test.

You will only be placed in classes with students who are at your language level. If there are no students are your level, then CGY will follow the ICLP policy of converting the two group + one 1-1 class period schedule into two 1-1 class periods each day.

Read more about course materials and anticipated progress.

Diversity & Inclusion

CGY cares about creating a memorable and meaningful gap year experience for students from all backgrounds. We open our doors to all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status.

Bullying, harassment, or hostile and exclusionary behavior toward others has no place within the Taipei community, on the National Taiwan University campus, or in our CGY program. That kind of behavior will lead to disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal from the program.

Program Fee Details & Refund Policy

Program fees are charged in New Taiwan Dollars by credit card. Exact USD amounts may change based on currency fluctuations. Housing portion is paid separately, via PayPal, in cash (NTD), or via bank transfer between Taiwanese banks. An additional NT15,000 (~US$530) will be added to the Housing payment as a deposit that will be refunded upon move out, minus PayPal charges and the cost of any damages or repairs to the room.

The program fee covers textbooks/materials, housing/some utilities (if living in the dorm), and some activity costs. The program fee does not cover day-to-day living expenses, meals, or insurance. Please refer to this page for our refund policy.

If CGY is not able to run, all accepted students will be eligible to participate in ICLP (ICLP fee schedule will apply and CGY housing may not be available. Please check ICLP's main website for housing options or look for off-campus accommodation nearby.).

Safety & Insurance

Your safety, health, and wellbeing matter most. If you encounter a problem - for example, with housing, health, or daily life - we will work to either help you resolve it or connect you with the appropriate resources.

All students are required to be covered by a minimum of accident insurance. CGY students can purchase their own insurance or join the group plan that CGY provides, which includes accident and basic outpatient coverage. 

Please find more information about the CGY group insurance plan here.

Program Goals & Student Policies

The mission of Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei is to provide students with opportunities to improve their Mandarin Chinese, be immersed in a foreign culture and society, and grow as young people. Please read our program goals and student policies here.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

From February 1 and March 31, prospective students who meet certain criteria (including being 18 years old at the time of applying) may be able to apply for the Taiwan Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (MOE HES). More information can be found here. Beyond that, CGY is not able to offer financial aid.

Visa Information

CGY students generally enter Taiwan with a Taiwanese passport, visitor visa for the purpose of studying Chinese, or working holiday visa. Visa policies differ by country and individual TEC(R)O office. Please read our FAQs for detailed visa information or contact your nearest TEC(R)O office.


Can I do an internship? What kind of insurance will I need to have? How will I get a visa? Click here for answers to those questions and more. Remember that you can always contact us directly with additional questions.