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Nearly 60 Years of Chinese Instruction

The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) was founded in 1962 by Stanford University, for the purpose of training and developing the oral discursive ability of America's academic elite. Since its founding, ICLP has grown in international stature and has provided instruction to thousands of students who have served in academia and government. 


Building on ICLP's history, CGY launched in the fall of 2020 to provide a gap year experience for high school graduates who want to intensively study Chinese, immerse themselves in a foreign culture and society, and experience the freedom to grow and make friends.

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CGY 2023-24 Team

Xú, Zhìchéng 徐志成

Mr. Xu is the CGY Director and has 20 years of Chinese teaching experience at ICLP. He served as the ICLP academic director during the 2019-20 academic year. Mr. Xu studied at National Taiwan University, receiving his MA in Chinese Literature.


Wáng, Yǒngxuān 王詠萱

Hello everyone, I am teacher Wang Yongxuan. I studied Language and Creative Writing for my undergraduate degree, and later got my MA in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language. I have been a Chinese language teacher for close to 6 years, and I truly love this work. I look forward to meeting new students from different backgrounds every semester. I’m not someone who particularly enjoys outdoor activities, however recently I have started going outside more to relax. With all that being said, my favorite place is still my room, and I particularly love to watch Japanese animation.


Lín, Wēichéng 林威誠

Hi everyone, this is teacher Lin Wei-Cheng. I graduated from University of Taipei, with a MA degree and major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I’ve been teaching Mandarin for six years in university, online classrooms, and company boardrooms. If I have free time, I’ll do some outdoor activities. I also like watching anime and suspense. Feel free to chat with me.


Wáng, Lìtíng 王莉婷

Hello, I am teacher Wang Liting, and have been teaching Chinese for eight years. I have taught Chinese in both Scotland and Poland. Furthermore, I also worked in the US twice before, but not for teaching Chinese. I love flowers, and also like exploring many places outside. Because I really like animals, I do not eat meat. If you want to know where the best vegetarian places to eat are, feel free to ask me!

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