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A Meaningful & Memorable Gap Year Experience

CGY is much more than an academic experience. It is also a living experience, and creating a healthy and safe sense of community among students, teachers, and program staff is important to us.

With program enrollment limited to 30 students, the teacher/staff-to-student ratio of 1:2.5 or lower ensures that all students will receive personalized attention, resources, and support. No matter if you're here for 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months, our goal is for you to have a meaningful and memorable experience at CGY and in Taiwan.

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CGY students can elect to stay next to campus in apartment-style housing that is contracted through ICLP, or find their own accommodations.


Choose the option that is best for you:

  1. Taipei Paradise apartment housing: For many years, ICLP students have been living in Taipei Paradise, which is conveniently located on the edge of campus.

  2. Other housing: If you have relatives or friends in Taipei, then you are welcome to live with them or find other housing.

National Taiwan University

Welcome to the most prestigious university in Taiwan. While on campus, you will be able to take advantage of NTU's extensive facilities and resources, including:

You will be treated like university students, meaning you will have plenty of opportunities to make friends with Taiwanese and international students here on campus.


Taipei City

It's no surprise Taipei is ranked the #1 city in the world for expats.

After all, you can:


Taiwan's 23 million residents live on an island of natural wonders, with steep cliffs bumping up against open seas; an island that honors the old and welcomes the new, with tiny temples and gleaming skyscrapers sharing the same city block; and an island where differences find harmony, with tradition respected and diversity championed.

Add Taiwan's famed hospitality, safety, and food, and it's no wonder so many people who come to Taiwan can so quickly feel at home. 

We welcome you to Taiwan, "The Heart of Asia".

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