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Intensive & Efficient Chinese Learning

One quarter of CGY classes is equivalent to taking a full year of university Chinese.

Each day you will have three 50-minute periods of intensive Chinese language classes (small-group and a 1-1 class) requiring about 3-4 hours of daily outside-of-class preparation. In addition, culture classes, workshops, and office hours will be held throughout the week. You will also be paired with an NTU student who will be your language exchange partner. When it comes to Chinese acquisition, "inputs equal outputs", so if you are willing to take advantage of the resources CGY offers and put in a lot of work, then you will see rapid improvements!

Built on the ICLP model...

Following the ICLP model of emphasizing speaking and discussion in class, CGY offers intensive small-group (five students or fewer) and one-on-one language classes each day. Outside-of-class preparation is extremely important. Students can choose to study simplified or traditional characters.


you will go beyond the classroom...

Much of the learning at CGY will take place outside of the classroom. You will benefit from a Chinese-speaking environment on campus, and the activities that are built into the curriculum will help you deepen your learning and transform the entire island into your classroom.


integrating culture into your daily life...

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn. You will dive into daily life and better understand local culture through university language exchange partners, guided activities and social excursions, plus daily-life interactions. We'll also offer weekly culture classes to help you better understand Taiwan.


and accelerating your learning!

Through hard work and self-discipline, you will learn a lot of Chinese. And through on- and off-campus immersion, plus a willingness to step outside of your comfort zones, you will have ample opportunities to use Chinese in authentic situations. Ultimately, this will be the way to move toward fluency and achieve your goals!

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CGY Program Overview & Pedagogy

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